Inflation Pains & Reno Gains Revealed

See how your perspective and experiences align with other active real estate investors across the nation. Kiavi's Q1 2022 Real Estate Investor Survey1 reports on renovation trends and top concerns in today's market. 

Survey says!

To help keep our finger on the pulse of constantly evolving real estate trends and the challenges faced by REIs, Kiavi surveyed real estate investors to capture their sentiments. Our Q1 survey in 2022 included 503 REIs of all levels of experience from across the US, unaffiliated with Kiavi. It focused on renovation trends and the top concerns faced by today's real estate investors.

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Check out our recent press release for more insights from Kiavi's Q1 2022 Real Estate Investor Survey.

1Statistical survey with +/- 4 margin error was completed in Q1, 2022 via Propeller, a market research firm that surveyed approximately 503 real estate investors over two weeks to gain insights directly related to Real Estate Investing and technology used throughout the real estate investment process. Note this survey was for informational purposes only and not intended to provide investment, legal or tax advice; Propeller is unaffiliated with Kiavi.
2Stats reflect data sourced from projects that were financed by Kiavi from Jan 2022 to Feb 2022.