An innovative approach to long-term investments

Discover a strategic approach to long-term real estate investment with Kiavi. Our buy-and-hold solutions combine sophisticated technology and flexible financing to support your journey toward sustainable wealth generation. Fine-tune your property's funding for success, or consolidate your holdings effortlessly with Kiavi.

Unlock your buy-and-hold investment potential with innovative financing solutions


Technology-driven insights

Expect more than just financing—expect a partner equipped with quick decision-making and a digital-first approach that delivers transparent, reliable, and timely capital tailored to each unique project. 


Customized financing

Kiavi offers a variety of loan options tailored to support your buy-and-hold strategy, ensuring you have the capital you need to grow your investment portfolio at your pace.


Fast and easy process

Navigating rental loans can be a breeze. Kiavi understands the value of your time, offering a fast and easy application process that sidesteps the slow, paper-based systems and subjective decisions you might with traditional lenders.

Dedicated support

Our team of financing professionals is dedicated to guiding you through the nuances of buy-and-hold investing, providing insights and support when you need it.


Unlock sustainable growth

With Kiavi, scale your portfolio responsibly. Our products and services are designed for longevity, helping you maintain a robust real estate investment portfolio that stands the test of time.

Financing that's tailored to your goals:

Buy and Hold Solutions - DSCR Mod

Single-Asset DSCR Rental

To strengthen your buy-and-hold real estate investment strategy, consider Kiavi's DSCR rental loans, designed with real estate investors in mind. These loans simplify financing by focusing on your property's income-generating potential rather than personal income or tax documents. You benefit from competitive rates, a wide range of loan options, and higher leverage to elevate your portfolio. Embrace a streamlined approach to scaling your portfolio with Kiavi's DSCR rental loans, a choice that prioritizes cash flow and maximizes returns.

Buy and Hold Solutions - Portfolio Mod

Rental Portfolio

Kiavi's Rental Portfolio Loans are designed to supercharge your buy-and-hold strategy by offering a seamless way to manage your portfolio. Enjoy the convenience of consolidated operations and the potential for reduced costs while benefiting from customized rates and terms that reflect your portfolio's composition and creditworthiness. As your real estate holdings grow, so does the opportunity for improved loan conditions, making it an excellent choice for growing your rental portfolio.
Wow! I am very pleased as to how smoothly this rental loan process went. I really loved having information at my fingertips during the initial phase of researching the best loan for the situation with the loan dashboard.
Jaclyn H. | Kiavi Customer
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Flexible term options

We offer a range of term lengths to match your investment timeline, providing the stability you need for long-term planning.


Competitive rates

Benefit from competitive rates that maximize your cash flow and enhance the profitability of your investment.


Strategic refinancing

Unlock equity and reduce expenses with our refinancing options, allowing you to reinvest in your portfolio or improve cash flow.


Streamline your path to growth with tech-driven financing

Our platform leverages billions of data points from over 70,000 transactions, providing fast, precise lending for your erntal property investmetns. You can expect real-time, data-driven decisioning and secure your investment capital quickly and confidently. Embrace a simplified, accelerated, and tailored financing experience for your unique investment needs with Kiavi.


Get answers to your buy-and-hold real estate financing questions and start investing smarter.


Kiavi's platform uses advanced analytics and AI to provide precise financing options through our online calculator, ensuring investors get tailored solutions for long-term investments that maximize the property’s cash flow.

Yes, Kiavi offers competitive refinancing options that help investors unlock equity and improve cash flow, vital for expanding or optimizing your rental portfolio.

Kiavi's buy-and-hold financing covers a range of properties, including single-family homes, multi-unit residences, and condos, supporting various investment strategies, including portfolio

A: Kiavi offers streamlined financing options like portfolio loans for portfolios with 5+ properties, making it easier to manage multiple properties under one loan, saving time and resources.

Absolutely! Kiavi caters to both experienced and new investors, offering personalized support and resources to guide you through your buy-and-hold real estate investment journey.

Expand your knowledge

These additional resources give valuable insights and strategies to enhance your rental investments.


Kiavi's rental loan process

This essential resource breaks down Kiavi's rental loan process, making it accessible and understandable for new real estate investors. From application to approval, our guide offers step-by-step insights, ensuring you navigate this crucial aspect of real estate investment with confidence and ease. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and streamline your investment journey.


Your comprehensive guide to DSCR loans

Step up your investment game with our complete guide to DSCR rental property loans. This in-depth resource offers crucial insights into DSCR financing—ideal for both new and experienced investors. Our guide simplifies complex concepts, ensuring you're well-prepared to leverage DSCR rental loans for your projects so you can elevate your understanding and strategy.

Elevate your buy-and-hold real estate investments with Kiavi.

With Kiavi’s technology-led solutions and flexible financing, you’re not just building a portfolio—you’re crafting a legacy. Let’s shape the future of your real estate success together. Ready to embark on a journey of smart, sustainable investment?