Kick-start your real estate investments

At Kiavi, we're dedicated to supporting new real estate investors as they navigate their initial steps. Our team of financing experts provides personalized guidance at every stage, ensuring a smooth journey. Leveraging our technology-driven online platform, we streamline the lending process, facilitating fast approvals and instant, profit-focused pricing. 

Tailoring your path to success

Kiavi tailors financing to real estate investors, offering more flexibility than traditional lenders. Our financing options are ideal for newcomers (with less than 5 exits in the last two years) across house flips, new construction, or rental property investments, supporting your initial projects with customized solutions.


Streamlined process with our online portal

Kiavi's portal simplifies your investment process, from document management to tracking loan statuses. Its user-friendly design even guides you through creating detailed Statements of Work (SOW), saving you time and ensuring you stay informed.


Easy application process

Forget chasing W2s and bank statements. With our simplified lending processes, you can enjoy a hassle-free application experience. We cut through the red tape so you can focus on what matters most—kick-starting your investment portfolio.


Informed decisions with real-time tools

Leverage our advanced machine learning technology for real-time pricing and deal analysis within our online platform. This tool draws on data from thousands of past transactions, directly addressing the knowledge gap and helping you make confident, data-driven decisions.


Gain a competetive edge

Quickly secure pre-qualification letters through our online portal, providing you with the leverage needed in a competitive market. This feature allows you to act swiftly, making your bids more attractive against cash offers.


Flexible financing options

Kiavi stands out by giving you competitive rates and flexible terms for a variety of loan options, all perfectly customized for real estate investors of all experience levels. This way, you've got the financial backing you need to nail any project.


Streamlining your first real estate investments

With Kiavi, your journey as a new real estate investor is not only smoother but also faster than you might expect.  With this powerful tool at your fingertips, you can easily manage documents, track loan statuses, and create SOWs, bypassing the tedious income verification,  paperwork, and manual tasks that traditional banks require. This expedited financing process enables you to close deals with remarkable speed - as little as 7 days. Our advanced technology platform is your digital advantage, providing the necessary tools to make well-informed decisions quickly and efficiently, giving you a competitive edge in the real estate market. 

New Real Estate Investor Talking To Her Rep

Dedicated support every step of the way

We get it—diving into real estate investing might look a bit overwhelming. That's why our dedicated support team walks you through every step. Got questions? Our financing pros are all about helping you tailor the best options for your goals. Whether you're trying to get a handle on market trends or making your first property buy, we've got your back. We'll share insights based on real-life experiences and our solid real estate investment know-how. We're here to make sure you get the whole picture, helping you make informed decisions and succeed in today's market.

Make your move with confidence

Kiavi's online calculator, backed by extensive data from over 71K transactions, helps you quickly evaluate deals. No guesswork, just clear insights.

Kiavi's commitment shines when we receive responses outside typical business hours. It's that sort of dedication—being a text away, ensuring we never miss a closing—that solidifies our trust
Anam & Aamir H.
Pro Real Estate Investors | Kiavi Customers

Discover your ideal real estate investment solution with Kiavi

Navigating the world of real estate investment can be complex, but with Kiavi's tailored financial solutions, you're always one step ahead. Our suite of products is designed to support you through every stage of your real estate journey, ensuring you have the resources you need to thrive. 

Here's a snapshot of what we offer:

Fix-and_flip_rehab tools on a table

Fix-and-Flip / Bridge

Fix-and-flip and bridge loans are ideal for investors targeting properties that need rehab before selling for a profit. They allow you to effortlessly jump on quick-sale properties or bridge funding gaps. Our loans are designed for speed, offering high leverage and covering up to 100% of rehab costs so you can move fast and compete with cash buyers—flexibility you don't often find in traditional financing options.


New Construction

New construction loans are designed for real estate investors looking to build from the ground up. Focused on infill projects, these loans offer a streamlined process that emphasizes the future cash flow of the property rather than personal financial details. They're perfect for investors aiming to expand their portfolios with new, tailor-made properties, offering competitive rates and flexible terms to support your new construction goals.

Close up of a landlords hand holding keys to a rental property

Single-Asset DSCR Rental

Start scaling your portfolio with a loan solution—perfect for real estate investors who want to play the long game. Skip the tax docs or personal income documents—we focus on your property's cash flow, making financing fast and easy. Elevate your real estate investments with our competitive rates, variety of loan options, and high leverage. Let's maximize your returns, and when you're ready, consolidate 5+ properties into a Kiavi portfolio loan for even more advantages.

Live Webinar

Getting to Know Kiavi: Successfully Funding Your Real Estate Investment

When it comes to your next investment property, you need a trusted financing partner to close the deal. Sign up for our next weekly webinar to speak with our experienced team, who will walk you through the entire process!

Explore the Kiavi Resource Center

If you're just beginning in real estate, our online resource renter is the comprehensive library of knowledge you need to kickstart your journey and scale your portfolio.


Comprehensive guides and eBooks

We've got you covered with our guides and eBooks that will help you master everything from the basics of house flipping to expanding your rental portfolio. Get started with our six-part Flipping Houses 101 eBook series, or dive into our Breaking Down BRRRR ebook.


On-demand webinars

Get answers to your questions and stay ahead with the latest real estate investing trends, tips, and strategies. Webinars like Best Practices for Buying at Auction and How to Strategically Finance Your Rental Properties are on-demand, so you can watch them anytime from anywhere.


Seasoned financing options

Learn from pro investors like Anam and Aamir Hashambhai, who have invested in 50 successful loans with Kiavi over 3 years or Florida-based Pro, Claudio Daniel, whose business has achieved remarkable growth in the span of just two years. Get insights, practical tips, and strategies to support every phase of your real estate investing journey. 

"I had the opportunity to work with Kiavi on several deals and I must say that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. As someone who has had previous encounters with loan companies, I can confidently say that Kiavi stands out from the rest. "
Kimone C.
02/26/24 via Google
"Fast and easy process. Everything was done in a timely manner. They were easy to reach when I had questions, and there were no surprises. Highly recommend!"
Kaveh N.
03/25/24 via Trustpilot
"[...] Kiavi is always the first place I look when exploring a new loan, whether a flip or long-term rental! I highly recommend this company!"
Robert H.
10/12/23 via Google

Elevate your real estate investments

Access our online portal and discover the financing solutions that can help turn your real estate investment dreams into reality. It’s straightforward, with no hidden fees—just your next big project waiting to happen.