Tailored solutions to empower your BRRRR

The BRRRR strategy—Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat—is a powerhouse method for scaling your real estate portfolio successfully with minimal initial investment. Kiavi is your trusted lending partner in turning this strategy into a reality with our state-of-the-art technology, competitive financing options, and a deep understanding of the real estate investment landscape.

Full-spectrum support for your BRRRR strategy

When executing the BRRRR strategy, you need more than just a lender—you need a trusted lending partner who understands every phase. At Kiavi, we're here to enhance every step of your BRRRR projects with precision and ease.


Unlock custom financing solutions

Jump into financing options that fit the unique twists and turns of your BRRRR projects. With Kiavi, ensure your investment strategy is backed by the right financial tools to drive success.


Trusted industry leader

As a well-established, industry-leading partner with over $18 billion funded across 71,000+ projects, Kiavi is reshaping the real estate investment scene.


Accelerate your BRRRR process

Speed through the financing stages of your BRRRR strategy with Kiavi's efficient loan processing, ensuring you move forward without delays and capitalize on opportunities quickly.


Dedicated support at every step

Benefit from the dedicated support of our financing experts, who bring deep insights into real estate investment and are poised to assist you in scaling your investment portfolio successfully.


Innovation in lending

Kiavi redefines the lending landscape with an advanced, digital-first approach, ensuring quick, transparent, and reliable access to capital tailored to support your BRRRR strategy effectively.


Solutions to seamlessly finance your BRRRR strategy

The BRRRR strategy is made up of four essential financing phases:

  1. Acquisition and rehab: Kick off your BRRRR with Kiavi’s Fix-and-Flip and Bridge Loan offerings, with up to 90% LTC. Quick, flexible, and competitive, they’re perfect for fast project completion.
  2. Rent and build wealth: Post-rehab, rent out your property and watch the passive income flow. Kiavi’s here to advise on pricing and management, ensuring top occupancy and returns.
  3. Refinance and grow: Move on to Kiavi's Long-Term DSCR Rental Loans for lower rates and cash-out options, freeing up capital for more deals. They’re versatile, maximizing your property’s potential.
  4. Repeat with efficiency: Kiavi makes the BRRRR repeat phase a breeze. Thanks to our tailored solutions and shorter seasoning requirements, you can jump into your next project faster than ever.

Kiavi: Your strategic partner for BRRRR success

Kiavi's suite of financing solutions is designed to support you at every stage of the BRRRR method. From acquiring fixer-uppers with our Fix-and-Flip / Bridge Loans to streamlining rental income with DSCR Rental Loans and ultimately consolidating your achievements with Rental Portfolio Loans, Kiavi is here to fuel your journey.

Here's a snapshot of what we offer:


Fix-and-Flip / Bridge

Kicking off your BRRRR journey? The first steps—Buy and Rehab—are crucial. Kiavi's fix-and-flip and bridge loans offer the agility and leverage you need to acquire and rehab properties quickly. With high leverage and up to 100% of rehab costs covered, you can transform properties at lightning speed, closing in as few as 7 business days. With this competitive edge, you can jump on new opportunities fast, setting a solid foundation for the Rent, Refinance, and Repeat phases.


New Construction

Looking at build-to-rent for your BRRRR? Kiavi's New Construction loans are a great match for the Buy and Rehab phases. Tailor-made for your project's unique path, our loans are permit-ready, streamlining your path from the blueprint to the tenant. With single or dual closing options, we're all about making your new construction or infill projects as seamless as possible.


Single-Asset DSCR Rental

Power up your BRRRR strategy with Kiavi's cash-out options and competitive seasoning requirements, making your move from Rehab to Refinance smoother and faster. Dive into a loan solution that zeroes in on your rental's income potential, bypassing the need for tax and personal income docs. With competitive rates, customized loan options, and higher leverage, growth is within reach. 


Rental Portfolio

Once you’ve acquired 5+ rental properties, you can hit the Repeat phase of BRRRR with a bang by considering them as a portfolio, instead of individual units. When you combine multiple properties into one portfolio, you get to reap the benefits of streamlined operations, lower costs, and peace of mind. Our rates and terms are based on your portfolio makeup and FICO®️ Score, improving as your portfolio grows.


You can invest in a wide range of properties, including single-family homes, condos, PUDs, and 2-4 unit properties. Kiavi's financing options cater to various investment strategies and property types.

The BRRRR strategy allows investors to build equity, earn passive income, and take advantage of potential tax benefits. It's designed for long-term asset appreciation and higher cash-on-cash returns compared to traditional rental property investments.

Yes, Kiavi's fix-and-flip and bridge loan options provide up to 100% funding for renovation costs, ensuring you have the capital needed to transform distressed properties into valuable assets.

After successfully rehabbing your property, streamline your growth with Kiavi's rental loans. With our competitive cash-out seasoning requirements—to just 90 days for single-asset DSCR rental loans and immediate cash-out for free and clear properties—you can unlock your equity faster. Combine competitive rates, simplified refinancing, and the absence of tax or income verification, making Kiavi your ideal partner for efficiently financing your next BRRRR.

Once you've acquired 5 or more rental properties, Kiavi offers rental portfolio loans to streamline your investments under one loan. This option provides operational efficiencies, cost savings, and the flexibility to grow your real estate business.

When executed well, the BRRRR method can significantly increase your cash-on-cash return compared to traditional turnkey investments, thanks to the built-in equity from rehabbing and the strategic use of refinancing.

Kiavi's advanced tech platform simplifies the financing process, from application to funding, with automation, quick approvals, and real-time tracking. This allows you to focus on scaling your portfolio efficiently.

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