Elevate your portfolio with premiere financing

In an industry that values timing and expertise, Kiavi offers high leverage, competitive terms, and fast processes for pro real estate investors. Our Kiavi Preferred Membership is designed for pros with at least 5 exits in the last 24 months, introducing a revolutionary approach to real estate investment financing that aligns with the expertise of seasoned professionals like you. 

Scale smartly with tailored financing solutions

At Kiavi, we understand the complexities and challenges you face as a pro real estate investor. You need more than just financing. You require a trusted, innovative lending partner that propels your investments forward with cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the market. Our platform offers a one-stop solution to manage your loans, analyze your deals, and minimize risks with data-driven decisioning.


Tailored financing solutions

Benefit from personalized loan offerings that cater specifically to your level of experience and your project's needs, ensuring you have the right financial tools to succeed.


Trusted industry leader

Well-funded, dependable partner with more than $18 billion in loans funded across over 71,000 projects, Kiavi is revolutionizing the real estate investment landscape for investors like you.


Competitive rates and terms

Explore our lending solutions, personalized for pro real estate investors with 5+ exits in the last 2 years. Maximize your returns with robust capital, high leverage, competitive rates, and a variety of loan options.


Speed and efficiency

Experience fast, efficient loan processing to drive your real estate projects forward smoothly. This enables pro real estate investors like you to scale your business successfully without delays.


Experienced support team

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of our dedicated team of financing experts, who understand the intricacies of real estate investing and are here to support you in successfully scaling your business.


Innovation in lending

Utilize Kiavi's state-of-the-art technology platform, which is designed to streamline the investment process. Our intuitive online dashboard allows for easy portfolio management, instant loan tracking, and seamless communication with the Kiavi team.


Streamline your REI financing with cutting-edge technology

Tired of dealing with all the paperwork, waiting around for approvals, and constantly checking in with traditional loan processes? Kiavi has your back! Our cutting-edge platform is changing the game for real estate investors by using tech to cut through the red tape—lengthy applications, delayed approvals, and manual follow-ups demanded by traditional lending. Automate the paperwork and ensure quick, transparent deals with Kiavi's innovative platform, which revolutionizes the lending process for pro real estate investors. 

Kiavi Preferred Membership

Scale your portfolio to new heights

As an experienced real estate investor, you deserve financing solutions that truly fit your skills and goals. Kiavi's Preferred Membership program is tailored just for pro borrowers like yourself, bringing unparalleled benefits that will make your investment journey smoother and faster so you can focus on what matters—growing your business.

Key qualifications include:

  • Experience Requirement: At least 5 exits in the last two years.
  • Financial Integrity: A strong financial background with a minimum FICO score of 640.
  • Legal Compliance: Clean legal record, ensuring trust and reliability

Benefits of Kiavi Preferred Membership


Tailored financing options

From fix-and-flip to hold-and-rent, our range of financing solutions is meticulously designed to meet your unique investing needs.


Higher leverage

Empower your projects with the ability to borrow up to $8 million, maximizing your returns on larger-scale investments.


Streamlined underwriting

Experience efficiency with only one required underwrite every 12 months, eliminating unnecessary delays and paperwork.


Competitive pricing based on experience

Our competitive rates and terms are customized to your experience level.  After all, you deserve to be rewarded for your proven track record and success in the real estate market.


Unmatched speed and efficiency

In today's fast-moving market, timing is critical. Kiavi's technology-driven platform streamlines the financing process. Seize opportunities with our technology-driven platform that ensures fast and easy, on-time funding.


Dedicated white-glove service

Get ready for top-notch support from your very own dedicated Kiavi rep! They're there to support you with informed market insights, smart financing tips, and all the support you need. Rely on us to help you make financing decisions that align with your real estate investing strategies for optimal returns.

Ready to join your fellow pros?

Join Kiavi on your path to success in real estate investing. If you've had 5+ properties in the last two years and are looking for a lending experience that's designed to help you scale successfully, price out a deal today to get started. 

Discover your ideal real estate investment solution with Kiavi

With Kiavi's personalized financial offerings, you maintain a strategic edge. Our range of solutions is crafted to guide you through each phase of your real estate venture, guaranteeing access to the necessary tools for success.

Here's a snapshot of what we offer:


Fix-and-Flip / Bridge

Considering a hot fix-and-flip deal or looking to bridge the gap between purchases? With a focus on speed and flexibility tailored for the fast-paced real estate market, these loans offer high leverage and full funding for renovation expenses. Delve into your projects equipped with the necessary speed and agility to seize opportunities and finalize transactions in as little as 7 business days, enabling you to compete effectively with cash buyers.


New Construction

Start your construction projects with our flexible financing solutions. Our permit-ready loans are tailored to meet your project's specific needs and timelines. Whether you plan to sell or rent out for income, our adaptable options support your exit strategy, offering single or dual closes without third-party appraisals, application fees, or employment verifications.


Single-Asset DSCR Rental

Enhance your portfolio through a strategic loan solution tailored for seasoned real estate investors. Key highlights? By bypassing tax and personal income paperwork, we prioritize your property's cash flow to streamline financing. Take your investment strategy to the next level with our competitive rates, diverse loan selections, and increased leverage. Optimize your returns and, at the opportune moment, amalgamate over 5 properties into a Kiavi portfolio loan for added benefits.


Rental Portfolio

Once you’ve acquired 5+ rental properties, consider them as a portfolio, not individual units. Combining properties into one portfolio brings benefits like streamlined operations, lower costs, and peace of mind. Consolidating under one loan offers tailored benefits for secure portfolio expansion. Our rates and terms are based on your portfolio makeup and FICO®️ score, improving as your portfolio grows.

With Kiavi's continued support, we're set for further expansion. Kiavi isn't just a lender to us. They are a partner in our future success.
Gino C.
Pro Real Estate Investor | Kiavi Customers
"I could not be more impressed with the service I was provided! This was my first time using them and I was doing two loans at once. It was an absolute breeze! Literally not a single hiccup. They exceeded my expectations [...]"
Shelly S.
10/18/23 via Google
"I had the opportunity to work with Kiavi on several deals and I must say that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. As someone who has had previous encounters with loan companies, I can confidently say that Kiavi stands out from the rest. "
Kimone C.
02/26/24 via Google
"[...] Kiavi is always the first place I look when exploring a new loan, whether a flip or long-term rental! I highly recommend this company!"
Robert H.
10/12/23 via Google