Revolutionize your house-flipping projects

Kiavi’s approach is centered around our advanced technology, which quickly analyzes property-specific data—not just your personal financial history. This means faster, more tailored decisioning for your projects. With Kiavi, you get financing solutions that adapt to the real-time dynamics of the real estate market, ensuring your success at every stage of your investment journey.

Optimize your fix-and-flip investments with Kiavi’s tech-driven solutions

Navigating the fix-and-flip market requires more than capital—it demands a lending partner who understands the complexities of real estate investing and the need for fast results. Kiavi isn’t just another lender—we’re your strategic ally in the fast-paced world of house flipping. We tackle the usual hurdles real estate investors face by crafting custom solutions to accelerate your project's success.


Fast funding for timely investments

Gain an edge with Kiavi's flexible financing solutions. Our loan processing lets you move fast - as quickly as 7 days- giving you the power to compete with cash buyers and snatch up your next big deal. 


Advanced technological support

Our technology-first approach that automates the time-consuming manual tasks you get with traditional lenders, speeds up approvals, and guides you smoothly through each phase of your flipping project.


Easy digital platform

Our user-friendly platform simplifies deal analysis, allowing you to create, submit, and manage your project documentation, including an online Scope of Work (SOW), with ease.


Innovative valuation process

Forget long waits for appraisals. Kiavi’s in-house valuation and servicing team fast-tracks you to the closing table, outpacing traditional banks and lenders.

Streamlined decisioning

Our decision-making process goes beyond the basics. Kiavi's innovative approach assesses over 20 unique factors about each property – including square footage, location, and market dynamics – to provide financing solutions that are as unique as your investment. 

Flip your way to profit with financing solutions tailored for real estate investors

Unlock the potential of your real estate investments with Kiavi's tailored financing solutions for house flippers. Whether you're renovating for a quick sale or need bridge financing, our specialized loans can help you flip your way to profit with confidence and ease.


Fix-and-flip loans

Kiavi's fix-and-flip loans offer real estate investors financing with the speed and flexibility you need to acquire and rehab properties. These loans are designed for short-term projects, providing competitive rates and terms, plus up to 100% of the rehab cost. This lending option supports the speedy transformation of properties, driving your portfolio's growth.


Bridge Loans

Act fast on opportunities with Kiavi's bridge loans. With this short-term financing solution, you can close within seven business days, allowing you to compete with cash buyers in the competitive real estate market. With our competitive terms and quick processing, you can smoothly bridge the gap to longer-term funding, keeping your projects on track and allowing you to quickly jump on your next new deals.


Streamline your fix-and-flip strategy with our advanced tech

Our platform–powered by extensive data from billions of data points from over 70,000 transactions–provides fast and accurate loan estimates and decisioning tailored to your project. Enjoy the benefits of real-time insights and quick access to capital, ensuring you stay agile and ahead in the fast-paced market. Experience streamlined, efficient, and customized financing solutions for every flip you undertake.

This level of service that I received was as well as any five star prime lender. The loan amount was what we discussed, the interest rates are very competitive, and the staff is outstanding. I will highly recommend Kiavi for any type of product they offer.
Eric R., Kiavi Customer
Google Review


Get answers to your buy-and-hold real estate financing questions and start investing smarter.


Kiavi uses advanced machine learning and analytics to provide fast, accurate loan estimates, speeding up the application and approval process for your house flips. Our technology considers a range of factors, including the property's location, condition, market trends, and potential for appreciation. This comprehensive evaluation ensures faster, more accurate loan decisions tailored specifically to the unique aspects of each fix-and-flip investment. At Kiavi, we're more interested in the potential of your project than your personal financial history or FICO® Score, prioritizing the before and after values of the property. So, if you've got a solid plan and are aiming for great returns on your real estate investment, Kiavi is your go-to partner.

Absolutely! Our expedited financing processes allow for quicker closings - in as few as 10 days - enabling you to make competitive offers and seize investment opportunities swiftly.

Leveraging experience through 70,000 projects, we understand what renovations drive maximum cash flow. Kiavi's team of financing professionals provides comprehensive support throughout your project, including guidance on budgeting for renovations in your SOW and assistance in navigating any challenges during the rehab phase.

Our platform is designed for ease and efficiency, allowing you to manage multiple projects seamlessly, track progress, and price out deals so you can maximize your real estate investments.

Kiavi offers fast financing solutions, getting you to the closing table in a matter of days, not weeks. This speed helps investors compete effectively against cash in fast-paced markets.

Yes, Kiavi's fix-and-flip and bridge loan options can cover both the purchase and up to 100% of the rehab costs of the project.

At Kiavi, we bypass the usual wait for appraisals, a common delay with banks and other lenders. Instead, we use an internal valuations team to speed up your journey to the closing table. Our approach is efficient and thorough: the team reviews inspection and feasibility reports and analyzes sales comps – looking at properties sold within the last six months and within a one-mile radius of your property. This helps us accurately determine the After Repair Value (ARV) of your property, predicting its worth after all the renovations are done. And the best part? While we're figuring out the ARV, your file is already moving through the underwriting process. This dual-track approach gets things done in as little as five days, keeping your project on the fast track to success.

Kiavi finances a variety of properties, including single-family homes, 2-4-unit properties, condos, and more. Each property is evaluated to ensure it fits within your buy-and-hold strategy.

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Transform your house-flipping projects

Embrace our innovative solutions, tech-driven insights, and unwavering support. Partner with Kiavi to make your flipping journey a success story, backed by our state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive support.