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Anam & Aamir Hashambhai: Crafting the American Dream in Real Estate

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As Kiavi marks its 10th anniversary, we're not just celebrating our own achievements but the dreams and ambitions of our dedicated customers. Every day, you, our esteemed real estate investors, are breathing life into your aspirations.

Reflecting on this, it's an honor to introduce you to the Dallas-based pro-real estate investors Anam and Aamir Hashambhai of the Twenty One Group. Their three-year journey with Kiavi encompasses nearly 50 successful loans. They have a portfolio of 65 rental properties since mid-2017, plus seven flips since mid-2023. But for this couple, it isn't just about the numbers. It's an inspiring testament to the American Dream in action.

Ever thought about what it really takes to make those big property dreams come true? This dynamic duo is living proof that with a mix of grit, smart choices, and the right partners by your side, even the loftiest visions can become a reality.

We recently sat down with Anam as she shared her story. Ready to dive in? Join us as we uncover the wisdom and insights that have paved their way to success. You might just find some nuggets to inspire your own journey.

From childhood sweethearts to real estate entrepreneurs

Middle school hallways, young sweethearts sketching out dreams amidst classroom notes. That's where Anam and Aamir Hashambhai's journey began. Before business plans and blueprints, they were a young couple in their early twenties, envisioning a world filled with properties and possibilities. Now? They're not just living their dream but are the embodiment of teamwork and passion.

While Anam was collecting diplomas (and a bit of college debt, because hey, who isn't?), envisioning that classic American Dream, Aamir was soaking up the ins and outs of the family business. They had different paths but with a shared pulse - the entrepreneurial heartbeat they'd both inherited.

Why real estate, you ask? For them, it wasn't just about the dollars and cents. It was freedom. Anam puts it beautifully, "Our vision was a future where we weren't bound to one place. Perhaps even relaxing on a beach, sipping mai tais, someday." And today? Their portfolio isn't just impressive—it's a whopping 20 million dollars worth of hard work and dedication.

But let's keep it real. It wasn't always smooth sailing. They had to play financial Tetris, balancing personal savings and credit cards until Kiavi entered the picture. Anam candidly reveals, "We were initially wary of hard money lending. But seeing its potential to fast-track our growth changed everything for us." This shift in perspective was a game-changer, driving their annual real estate deals to new heights. And boy, did it propel! From aiming at ten rental units, they're now setting their sights on a cool thousand.

Now, they're the talk of the town in the single-family investments arena in Dallas-Fort Worth. And the future? It's as vast as Texas itself. Anam hints, "Single-family units are our passion now, but who knows? Multifamily units might be our next adventure."

Overcoming obstacles in real estate

Stepping into property investment was a big deal for Anam and Aamir. With money in hand, they quickly realized there was so much more to the equation. The world of real estate? It's challenging, especially if you're just starting.

Before Kiavi, securing funding felt like an uphill battle. But the real tests came in the shape of day-to-day decisions. Anam muses, "In the beginning, we were navigating uncharted waters. Did we allocate too much to one aspect and neglect another? Were our decisions spot on?"

This sense of uncertainty came to a head with their first property. Filled with the enthusiasm of new house flippers, they were determined to make the best choices. But with a tight budget, some decisions had to be put on hold.

Anam elaborates, "In hindsight, we missed some important calls. For instance, we initially didn't replace the AC, thinking we could save a bit. But a few years later, we faced issues with the unit and ended up spending more than if we'd just tackled it at the start."

By their second property, they were more prepared, using their initial experiences as guidance. And with the third, they really began to find their stride. Tackling a full gut with their gathered knowledge? It was a big step, but one that paid off.

Anam admits, "Starting out in this industry, there were times of uncertainty. Sometimes, we felt we were in over our heads, questioning if we were getting the right guidance."

But every challenge was also an opportunity. Instead of getting disheartened, they sought knowledge. They listened to podcasts, studied, and became really good at googling things they didn't know.

Anam beams with pride today, "Aamir's come a long way. He's at a point where he can hold detailed plumbing conversations, and he even impresses the long-time pros!"

The story of the Hashambhais? It's a testament to persistence. It's not just about navigating challenges but about growing, adapting, and constantly moving forward.

Carving their niche: Strategy and financing

New real estate investors commonly dip their toes in house flipping or dive straight into renting. Not Anam and Aamir. To them, the BRRRR strategy (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) was the golden ticket to their real estate goals.

Anam dives into their choice, "Instead of walking the typical path, we looked for something that felt right for us." Their homework? Hours on hours of podcasts and YouTube." While stories of huge property empires intrigued us, the relatable stories of humble beginnings and tough initial steps resonated most."

They found their answer on platforms like Bigger Pockets, where they first heard about the BRRRR method, endorsed by industry voices like Brandon Turner and David Greene. And the appeal? It was the strategy's efficiency. It provided a way into the market without breaking the bank right out of the gate.

The real win for them with BRRRR? It was smart. Buy a property that's seen better days, fix it up, refinance, and then rent it out with the hopes you pull all your initial investment out when you refinance. It's about playing it smart and safe, not just fast.

They made their move with a starting fund of $75,000, pulled together from credit cards, personal savings, and relentless determination. Anam vividly remembers, "For us, it was all in. The BRRRR strategy was about the long game, building wealth that would stand the test of time."

It's clear that they weren't just on the hunt for quick profits. They were laying down foundations. Their goal? Build a lasting real estate legacy. While house flipping wasn't on their initial radar, as is always the case, things evolve. With a twinkle in her eye, Anam shared, "After sticking to the BRRRR strategy for quite some time, we've branched out into fix-and-flips, keeping in sync with the current market."

Anam and Aamir's journey underscores two things in bold: a solid plan can be your best friend in real estate, but staying adaptable and hungry to learn is equally crucial. Vision? It's everything.

A unique business blueprint

In the big world of real estate, this duo's strategy brings something new. Anam and Aamir blend self-reliance, a razor-sharp emphasis on quality, and an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing.

Anam-Aamir_kitchen-rehab-2_blog_imageAn emblem of Anam & Aamir’s dedication to quality: a meticulously revitalized kitchen blending modern elegance and enhanced functionality. Photo Credit: Anam & Aamir Hashambhai, Twenty One Group.

Everything under one roof

Anam breaks it down, "We handle every facet of our business internally, from property management to construction." This all-in-one approach? It's their secret sauce to delivering unmatched results, time and again.

Anam-Aamir_kitchen-rehab_blog_imageAnother reflection of their commitment to excellence, this rehabbed kitchen harmoniously melds contemporary design with optimal utility. Photo Credit: Anam & Aamir Hashambhai, Twenty One Group.

Setting the gold standard

For Anam, good isn't good enough. She's all about the best. "I walk through each property as if I'm picking a new home for myself. If it doesn't feel right, it's back to square one," she says with determination.

Anam-Aamir_bathroom-rehab_blog_imageA transformed bathroom mirroring Anam & Aamir’s sophisticated and serene design approach, reflecting their high standards in every detail. Photo Credit: Anam & Aamir Hashambhai, Twenty One Group.

Landlording with heart

Anam's giving the traditional 'landlord' title a fresh coat of paint. Instead of the usual hands-off approach, she's right there, tuned into her tenants' needs. It's about real care, not just ticking boxes. Anam shares, "Hearing stories of landlords dropping the ball? It's disheartening." Her commitment to doing right by her tenants? Non-negotiable.

In a nutshell, what sets their strategy apart isn't just the seamless process. It's Anam's genuine passion, ensuring that both quality and ethics aren't mere buzzwords but the core of their real estate journey.

Anam-Aamir_bedroom-rehab_blog_imageShowcasing Anam & Aamir’s tenant-first approach: a tranquil bedroom oasis reborn through thoughtful design and refined aesthetics. Photo Credit: Anam & Aamir Hashambhai, Twenty One Group.

Partnering with Kiavi: Scaling up real estate dreams

This power couple got started investing in real estate using their own capital: savings, credit cards, and whatever money they had. But the road to achieving lofty ambitions requires more than personal resources—it requires strategic partnerships.

A game-changing introduction

Three years deep into their real estate journey, Aamir came across Kiavi, then known as Lendinghome. There was a lingering caution around hard money lending due to its associated costs and fees. Yet, Aamir, with her keen foresight, sensed an opportunity.

She jumps in, "There's this prevailing perception around hard money lending, right? But for us, it was about a mindset shift. Partnering with Kiavi meant faster progress, bypassing the limitations of our personal capital."

The frequency of their deals wasn't just increasing—they were achieved at a pace previously unimagined. What had begun as a simple goal to own ten rental properties soon grew to them eyeing a portfolio of a thousand units.

"Once we warmed up to the idea of leveraging through hard money lending," Aamir recounts, "our trajectory took a sharp upward turn. We moved from handling a couple of deals a year to managing 10, then 15, soaring to 30 in just a year."

Choosing Kiavi in uncertain times

Turning to hard money lending right when the world was in chaos? To some, that may sound wild. But for Aamir, it was strategy, not chance.

"It was April 2020, the world was uncertain," Aamir reflects. Despite the looming uncertainty, Aamir’s unyielding spirit sought ways to keep investing in real estate. Among his choices of lenders, Kiavi shone the brightest.

Why Kiavi?

Aamir lists down the qualities that won her over:

  • Clear-cut and Honest: No smoke and mirrors with Kiavi. Every charge, every step, spelled out.
  • Easy Process: "In our quest for a hard money lender, Kiavi stood out. Their platform was intuitive, offering us a clear visual on every step of the process."
  • Trustworthiness: Patrick, the couple's Kiavi rep, has been a dedicated guide who goes above and beyond, always there—even outside regular business hours. "Kiavi's commitment shines when we receive responses outside typical business hours. It's that sort of dedication—being a text away, ensuring we never miss a closing—that solidifies our trust," Aamir notes.
  • Predictability: With Kiavi, there were no curveballs. Everything is by the book—consistent fees, prompt responses, and no missed closings.
  • Impressive Track Record: Anam and her team have inked nearly 50 loan deals with Kiavi, and the collaboration continues to flourish.

Sure, ambition is the key driver. But when you partner with an industry leader like Kiavi? You don't just up your game. You redefine what the game is. The couple didn't just add properties to their list. They supercharged their vision for what lay ahead.

Beyond Numbers: A Journey of dedication and vision

While metrics typically quantify success in real estate, Anam and Aamir's journey has been shaped by passion, dedication, and an unwavering vision. In August 2021, they refinanced 21 properties and drew an impressive one million dollars.

But for Anam, it wasn't merely about the zeroes in the bank. It was a testament to the sweat, late nights, and unwavering focus. While many were busy exploring the perks of their 20s, this duo was laser-focused on sketching out a top-tier real estate game plan.

Anam chimes in, "This wasn't just a financial gain. It validated every choice and sacrifice we made in our younger years."

The power of reinvestment

That one million? A big deal, no doubt. But what they did do next? Even more awe-inspiring. Without missing a beat, they pumped every single dollar back into the business. At a time when overnight success often translates to swanky cars and vacations, their reinvestment move speaks volumes about their strategic mindset and dedication to the long game.

A flourishing portfolio

Their growing portfolio? It's nothing short of a testament to their real estate smarts. They're now proud owners of 65 rental properties. Plus, they've dabbled in the flipping scene, wrapping up or getting hands-on with seven flips since May.

Gazing into the future

Anam and Aamir have their sights set firmly on the horizon, drawing inspiration from their past successes and mapping out a dynamic future blueprint.

Hundred million milestone

Currently sitting on assets worth 20 million, they're not just dreaming big—they're planning big. They aim to boost that number to an astounding hundred million dollars within the next half-decade. It's not mere optimism—it's backed by a track record of consistent growth.

Creating opportunities

In a fresh move, they aspire to one day launch a fund tailored specifically for single-family properties. Their goal? To invite new investors and let them experience the exhilarating world of property investments. "We want to share the excitement of this journey," Anam passionately remarks.

From millions to a billion

With eyes set on executing a billion dollars in real estate transactions, Anam's ambitious goals prove her commitment to leaving a mark on the industry. "We're eyeing this landmark by our 40s," she shares, her determination evident.

Tips for other investors

Real estate is a lucrative opportunity that attracts thousands each year. It offers a chance to create your own success in a world full of possibilities. Anam sheds light on her decision-making process and offers wisdom for those eager to navigate these waters.

Evaluating a potential property

Anam's mantra is straightforward when assessing a potential property: "Numbers don't lie." She ardently trusts the figures, placing paramount importance on understanding both the numbers related to the property and the area's demographics. "It's not just about having the right metrics; it's about ensuring they align with the property's location," she emphasizes.

Three golden pieces of advice for new investors

  • Plunge In and Believe in the Journey: Hesitation can be an investor's downfall. "You're never going to have all the answers upfront, no matter what field you're venturing into. It's important to cast aside doubt and take the leap."
  • Champion Leverage: Financial leverage might seem intimidating, but in the real estate arena, it's a valuable tool. "Leverage, when used wisely, can amplify your gains and bring dreams to life. In the big world of real estate, leverage is king," she notes.
  • Know Your Endgame: With countless avenues available, it's easy to get sidetracked. "There's an overwhelming number of options, and it's easy to be lured by the newest, shiniest strategy. Focus on what you want and stick to it. This will shield you from distractions and align you with your true goals."

The couple’s journey, deeply intertwined with the BRRRR strategy, emphasizes the role of commitment, strategic foresight, and the hunger to learn in the real estate world.

Final thoughts

The story of Anam and Aamir Hashambhai is a compelling blend of dreams, strategies, and a relentless drive. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, an astute understanding of the market, and a keen sense of evolving with time make them a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry.

On the occasion of Kiavi's 10th anniversary, we salute Anam and Aamir Hashambhai's spirit. Their story isn't just a testament to what real estate investment can yield but an embodiment of the American Dream. As we celebrate a decade of Kiavi and the thousands of dreams nurtured, we look forward to more tales of passion, perseverance, and success.

Here's to more dreams realized, more heights achieved, and a future brimming with possibilities. Cheers to Anam, Aamir, and every dreamer carving their niche in the world of real estate.

Follow Anam and Aamir on Instagram and become part of their expanding community of real estate enthusiasts. Witness their journey unfold in real time and let their story inspire your next big move.


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