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Gino Cozza: Pioneering Success with Kiavi's Rental Portfolio Loans

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Finding the right strategy and financial tools can be the difference between standing still and seeing massive growth in real estate investing. For experienced investor Gino Cozza, Kiavi's Rental Portfolio loans opened up fresh opportunities to expand his investments and solidified Kiavi as a trusted partner in his quest for success.

With strong partnerships, a one-of-a-kind business strategy, and creative financing, Gino has set the bar for efficiency and social responsibility in the industry. Read on to uncover the strategic moves and financial wisdom that have propelled Gino's success.

The birth of an idea

Gino Cozza founded his business, Whitestone & Co., with a clear mandate: transforming the affordable housing sector through strategic investment and community-focused initiatives. Think about it—with over 15 million households needing affordable housing, only 1 in 4 eligible households gets the help they need. And those who do get help have to wait an average of 28 months for voucher housing. The potential for single-family rentals, especially in the affordable housing space, is huge for real estate investors looking to make a difference.

This stark reality, combined with Gino's confidence in real estate's capacity to fuel positive social transformation, established the foundation of his business strategy. Focusing on mid-tier U.S. cities like Kansas City, Columbus and Memphis, with a promising economic and demographic outlook, Gino optimized his real estate operations to confront this urgent issue head-on.

A seafoam graphic featuring a quote from Gino Cozza about how the affordable housing market made sense for his businessHis method, intricately linked with the application of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, promised not just financial gains but also a significant favorable influence on underserved communities. By customizing investments to address the critical demand for affordable housing, Whitestone & Co. embarked on a mission to address a void in the market while enhancing lives and cultivating community resilience.

"During the pandemic, we started focusing on single-family rental housing because it was dramatically underserved nationally. The affordable part of the market made a lot of sense [...] in terms of buying a home at a reasonable amount and making a reasonable return." - Gino Cozza

Gino's approach to affordable housing is deeply collaborative. His business works closely with agencies, such as local housing authorities. These partnerships have been instrumental in identifying needs and opportunities within communities, allowing him to tailor his investments for maximum impact. Gino's strategy involves a hands-on approach to property management and a commitment to going beyond simple housing and creating true homes for those in need.

An accidental discovery turns strategic

The story of Gino's success is not without the trials and errors typical of the real estate industry. The eviction moratorium, catalyzed by the pandemic, inadvertently led Gino to pivot towards Section 8 housing to ensure a reliable income stream. What initially began as a pragmatic response soon developed into a winning strategy, setting him apart in the affordable housing market and unlocking more significant opportunities for growth and social impact.

From one fund to the next, Gino's company, Whitestone & Co., burgeoned into a formidable player with a portfolio of over 1,500 properties. His integrative approach to property management, keeping this leg of the business entirely in-house, ensures operational tightness and community enrichment and has drawn recognition from real estate investors and residents alike.

"It evolved from fund one to fund two and three across multiple cities. The internalization of property management was fundamental to growing the strategy and business model, especially for the affordable space." - Gino Cozza

The Kiavi connect

“I believe our connection to Kiavi started with a phone call or email. Like all partnerships, I approached the opportunity with caution. But, the transparency and efficiency demonstrated by Kiavi from the outset quickly established them as the essential financial ally we were seeking.” - Gino Cozza

Gino's introduction to Kiavi proved serendipitous. A synergy emerged as his growing portfolio required financial support for sustained expansion. Kiavi's transparency and efficiency in the initial stages of their partnership solidified their role as the vital financing ally for Gino's enterprise.

A seafoam graphic of a quote by Gino Cozza, a pro real estate investor, emphasizing the value of Kiavi's transparency & efficiency

Kiavi's personalized support and tailored loan products facilitated the smooth expansion of Gino's real estate business. Kiavi proved its customer-centric approach by actively listening to his thoughts and feedback and using it to shape Kiavi's Rental Portfolio loan product to ensure it meets the unique needs of experienced real estate investors like Gino.

Using Kiavi's rental portfolio loan to scale

When Gino teamed up with Kiavi in 2021, his goal was clear—not just a lender but a partner to amplify his vision. That partnership quickly proved to be a game-changer. Gino's company has utilized $37 million in bridge funding to drive projects forward and harnessed $48 million across 19 distinct rental portfolio loans, showcasing the expansive reach of his investments.

Graphic with Gino Cozza's endorsement of Kiavi's Rental Portfolio loans, highlighting their pivotal role in facilitating his company's expansion.

Kiavi's Rental Portfolio loans became the financial bedrock for Gino's strategy, allowing him to acquire, stabilize, and optimize each property effectively. By transitioning from bridge loans to long-term financing, Gino optimized capital use, streamlining the process under Kiavi's comprehensive loan solutions."Kiavi's Rental Portfolio loans were crucial in scaling up. Their customized support and adaptive loan options were instrumental in our growth," he reflects.

Gino's advice to fellow investors

Gino Cozza's investment journey shows that his success goes beyond seizing opportunities—it hinges on practical tools and strategies. Gino stresses the significance of adopting a flexible financing approach and the benefits of trusted, reliable partnerships among his business operations.

Visual with a testimonial from Gino Cozza, stressing the quick and efficient funding provided by Kiavi's bridge loans, set on a seafoam backdrop.

He credits Kiavi's bridge loans with providing the speed and certainty necessary to acquire houses quickly for his rental property business.

"The certainty and speed offered by Kiavi's bridge loans allowed us to close quickly and efficiently fill our investment bucket. This strategic approach, transitioning from bridge loans to permanent financing, has successfully scaled our business efficiently," Gino reflects.

This approach highlights the importance of adaptable financing in real estate investment and offers a blueprint for other real estate investors seeking to quickly and reliably scale their portfolios. Gino also stresses the crucial role of Kiavi's technology platform in streamlining his investment management.

Kiavi's online portal has revolutionized how he oversees his portfolio, offering an intuitive dashboard for managing loans and finances. Gino's experience demonstrates that leveraging such technology can significantly simplify operational hurdles and empower investors to make well-informed strategic decisions.

In essence, Gino's advice to fellow investors encapsulates the strategic use of customized lending, like Kiavi's bridge loans for expansion and rental portfolio financing, to simplify his business and maximize cash flow. His insights underscore the importance of embracing creativity in the ever-evolving real estate market.

Overcoming challenges through flexibility and innovation

The real estate market poses numerous challenges, and Gino's journey is no different. With Kiavi's steadfast backing, he adeptly maneuvered obstacles by blending adaptability and innovation.

Kiavi's flexibility and support, backed by an experienced team of lending professionals, have played a crucial role in overcoming barriers that impeded many real estate investors, ensuring his operations remained agile and responsive to market needs.

In an industry that values adaptability and foresight, Gino's business strategy, supported by Kiavi's dependable financing, weathered challenges and enabled his success. In doing so, it deepened his commitment to the communities he serves.

Looking to the future

A quote by Gino Cozza on a seafoam background, expressing his outlook on Kiavi's role as a partner in his future success as a real estate investor.Gino Cozza's savvy investment strategies and Kiavi's dynamic financial solutions have set the stage for a thriving future. Their shared focus on market trends and a commitment to genuine partnership go beyond simple transactions. Together, Gino and Kiavi are shaping the landscape of real estate investment, driving meaningful, lasting progress at every step.

"With Kiavi's continued support, we're set for further expansion. Kiavi isn't just a lender to us; they are a partner in our future success." - Gino Cozza

The lessons gleaned from Gino's story are not just anecdotal—they're guiding lights for other real estate investors seeking to carve their path in an industry ripe with opportunities. His emphasis on a multifaceted growth approach that melds financial prudence with social engagement heralds a new real estate investment era.

Final thoughts

A seafoam graphic featuring a quote from Gino Cozza about Kiavi as a partner sharing his vision for growth and impact in real estate investment.

Gino's story isn't just about personal success; it's a blueprint for new investors and a testament to what strong partnerships can achieve together. Kiavi's unique position as both a lender and innovator reflects Gino's beliefs, creating a collaborative space for shared progress and innovation.

"This collaboration isn't just about financing; it's about aligning with a partner who shares your vision for growth and impact. Kiavi has been instrumental in helping us scale and reach our goals." - Gino Cozza

This partnership shows Kiavi's dedication to supporting investors' growth, driven by innovation and adaptability, and our shared goal of positively impacting the community.

In real estate investing, success often comes from partnerships that share a vision for growth and a commitment to driving change. This partnership demonstrates how Kiavi actively supports investors' growth through innovation and adaptability, sharing a commitment to positively impacting the community.


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