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How the BRRRR Strategy Can Take You From Zero to 60 When It Comes to Your Real Estate Investing Rental Business

Everyone who tries their hand in the real estate investing industry likely does so to increase their opportunity for financial freedom. The success stories are inspirational and motivating, so it is important to learn from those investors, as the formulas and recipes for growth may be copied.

The BRRRR strategy is a very commonly used method in real estate investing for rental properties. It stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat. The BRRRR method is unlike the traditional method of buying a turn-key rental that you often hear or think of. The BRRRR model can help you scale rentals quickly—and keep your money growing by allowing you to rapidly buy homes, adding value through rehab, building cash flow by renting, refinancing to typically pull some of that cash out—and then doing the whole thing again.

This is also how rental portfolios grow, and when portfolios grow—so can profits!

Kiavi hosted a webinar with our borrower, Lukas Vanagaitis, who implemented this strategy into his business plan and within a couple short years, grew his business to a seven-figure one. To read his full story, check out the post here, but this webinar below will dive into how he took full advantage of this method—and how it paid off.


If you'd like to discuss the BRRRR strategy, we're happy to help! Reach out to us at support@kiavi.com.


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