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Top Home Design Trends for Fix-and-Flip Investors in Washington State

With its sprawling forests, towering mountains, and captivating coastlines, Washington State is a stunner. And it’s not just about tech wizards and our love for a good brew—the state’s natural beauty shapes how we think about home design.

Getting a feel for Washington's signature style can be a game-changer for those diving into the fix-and-flip game. Why? Because the right design choices can make or break a sale. So, let's dive into the design trends making waves in our beautiful Evergreen State.

Pacific Northwest Modern: A natural elegance

Top_Home_Design_Trends_for_Washington_State-body_img-2In Washington, this cool design trend is popping up everywhere: Pacific Northwest Modern. It’s all about getting that cozy and modern mix just right, taking cues straight from the nature that Washington is so famous for.

This design is all about keeping things clean and clutter-free. We're not talking about plain or boring, but homes that feel just right, where everything has its place.

Washington has those moody, rainy days but also some killer sunny ones. Homes designed in this style make the most of that natural light. Imagine big windows that let you soak in the outdoors, no matter the weather. It’s like you're bringing a piece of that amazing Washington scenery right into one's living room.

Wood is also a big player in this trend. Not the fancy, polished kind but wood that looks and feels real, like it's got a story to tell. Think about those rustic cabins in the woods, and then give it a modern twist—that’s the vibe you're aiming for.

House flippers in Washington State should dive into this design. Use neutral colors that let nature shine. Add some wooden touches, maybe a cool wooden coffee table or beams.

Not only will your investment property feel warm and inviting, but homes with this style also tend to catch the eye and, often, get you a better price. It’s a win-win. If you're in the game to transform houses into homes that feel just right for Washington, the Pacific Northwest Modern trend is a sweet spot to hit!

Eco-friendly constructions: A sustainable commitment

With its lush green landscapes and commitment to environmental conservation, it's no wonder Washingtonians have a penchant for green building practices. A home that respects the environment isn't just a bonus—it's practically an expectation.

Consider making those eco-friendly upgrades. Swap out outdated appliances for energy-efficient ones, and if you're thinking of adding wooden elements, go for local, sustainable sources.

And you know that famous Washington drizzle? Why not harness it with rainwater harvesting systems?

You're not just hopping on a trend by tuning in to this eco-friendly wave. You're tapping into what Washington buyers genuinely want.

And the cherry on top? These green choices aren't just feel-good—they can lead to genuine long-term savings and potentially boost that property value. So, investors, if you're rolling up your sleeves for a house flip in Washington, remember to add a touch of green. Your ROI (and Mother Earth) will thank you.

Waterfront views: Making the most of coastal beauty

Top_Home_Design_Trends_for_Washington_State-body_img-1Being home to a vast coastline and numerous lakes, waterfront views are highly prized in Washington real estate. With miles of coastline and a generous sprinkle of lakes, people in Washington often seek properties that offer a good old waterfront view.

Whether it's the vast expanse of the ocean, the tranquility of a still lake, or the energy of a lively harbor, those views? They're like gold dust.

So, if you're on the hunt for your next Washington fix-and-flip property, here's a pro tip—keep an eye out for properties that can make the most of these views. And once you've snagged that gem, design the interiors in a way that feels like the outside is just an extension of the living room. Open floor plans are your best friend here.

Remember, a room with a view in the Washington market isn’t just a luxury—it's a major selling point. So, put that front and center of your flip strategy, and you could be smiling all the way to the bank.

Cozy rainy day retreats: Embracing the drizzle

Let's chat about something every Washingtonian knows too well—the rain. Washington, especially the western part of the state, is famously wet.

But you know what? That drizzle has birthed a lovely home trend—spaces made just for snuggling up. We're talking about those spots where folks love to dive into a good book, sip on some warm coffee, or just wrap up in a blanket and watch the raindrops fall.

When you're scouting a property, think about how you can carve out those snug corners or maybe add a covered outdoor space. An indoor garden could even be a hit! It's all about creating that special, calm vibe that makes those rainy days feel downright magical.

So, why not add that "cozy factor" for your next flip? It'll make your property stand out and give potential buyers a little extra something to fall in love with. And in this game, love translates to quicker sales and bigger profits. Keep that in mind, and turn that rain into serious gains!

Artisanal and local: Celebrating Washington's craftsmanship

Top_Home_Design_Trends_for_Washington_State-body_img-3Washington is known for its cool vibes and rich history of craftsmanship. People here love their local stuff. Think handcrafted wooden fixtures, artisan-made decor, and materials sourced right from our backyard.

And guess what? Tapping into that local love is a brilliant way to make your flip stand out.

Next time you plan a rehab or reno, why not shake hands with a local craftsman or artist? Get some custom pieces or fixtures that scream "Made in Washington." It's not just about making a statement—it's about supporting local talent.

Future homeowners will be all over a property with a unique, local touch. It's a win-win! You back the local scene, and your property becomes the talk of the town. So, dive into that local flavor and watch your flips shine a little brighter.

Your financial partner in the Evergreen State

Jumping into Washington's real estate scene is more than just about spotting the right property or mastering the latest design trends. It's about ensuring you're financially poised to make the most of every opportunity. Here at Kiavi, we understand that.

Our financing solutions are crafted with you, the fix-and-flip investor, in mind. Washington's market is unique, and so are your capital needs.

That's why we offer to finance up to 90% loan-to-cost (LTC) and even step in to cover up to 100% of those rehab costs on our bridge and fix-and-flip loans. Our goal? To ensure you don't feel stretched thin or caught off guard mid-project to maximize your profits.

And let's talk transparency. We believe in clear, honest communication. That means no hidden fees, and no surprise charges.

In fact, our fix and flip loans don’t even have those pesky prepayment penalties. With Kiavi, you’re always in the loop, equipped to confidently tackle your next venture in Washington and maximize those returns. Because, at the end of the day, we're not just a lender—we're your partner in making those real estate investing dreams come to life.

Final thoughts

Washington State offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication, shaping its distinctive design trends. For real estate investors, understanding and embracing these trends can lead to properties that truly resonate with Washingtonians.

With Kiavi as your trusted financial ally, you're not just creating beautiful homes but investments that are poised for success in the Washington real estate market. Allow the Evergreen State's beauty to inspire your designs and Kiavi to fuel your financial aspirations.


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