Fix & flip with short-term financing at the ready

Kiavi provides fast and reliable bridge loans for both the purchase and rehab of investment properties.


Quick closing

Close in as few as 10 business days to compete with cash buyers


High leverage

No need to drain your own funds. We offer up to 90% LTC


Competitive rates

Maximize your returns with our competitive fix and flip/bridge loan rates

Fast funding for real estate investments with Kiavi’s bridge / fix & flip loans

Kiavi’s real estate bridge loans allow you to free up your own capital by leveraging ours and close at the speed necessary to finance a deal in today’s market.

Fix and Flip / Bridge Loan Rates + Terms
Rates as low as 9.25%*
Loans from $100K to $2.5MM
Up to 95% of purchase price
Up to 80% of after-repair value
12, 18 + 24 month terms w/ interest-only options
100% of rehab cost

Kiavi’s fix & flip / bridge loan funding for new purchases or restoring your cash position

Kiavi’s bridge loans support three types of transactions on non-owner occupied properties including single-family residences, 2-4 units, condos, manufactured homes, and PUDs:

  • New Purchase - Kiavi can provide the funds to purchase the property plus the renovation costs and can close quickly allowing you to compete against cash buyers

  • Delayed Purchase Refi - Using your own cash or home equity to purchase a property, restore your original cash position within 6 months of the property purchase

  • Seasoned Refi - Owned the investment property for 6 months or longer? Sometimes a project can take longer than expected and Kiavi’s bridge loans can be a perfect way to provide extra runway to get you across the finish line

Kiavi makes it quick & easy to finance your real estate deals

Kiavi can close much faster than traditional banks with conventional loans. Forget searching for pay stubs and old W-2s, we do not verify your income or employment. On top of that our tech-forward platform eliminates time-consuming tasks, speeding up the process to close.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Get pre-qualified online - With just a soft credit pull, we can give you the confidence & clout to make offers on hard found deals. PRO TIP: you can download your pre-qual letter right online

  • Find your property - the greater the upside, the better!

  • Call us - Let’s review the numbers–leverage our experience & expertise for your project, we’ve seen it all!

  • Submit your application - Like what you see? It's GO time. With no application fee or upfront costs, there’s no obligation for you.

No appraisal necessary on our bridge loans!

Waiting on appraisals is often a hurdle when using banks or other hard money lenders to finance your fix & flips. Kiavi instead uses an internal valuations team that speeds up the process, getting you to the closing table quicker!


How much can I borrow with a Kiavi real estate bridge loan?

Don’t settle for banks draining your funds with down payment requirements, having to borrow against your 401k, or working with other lenders’ inconsistent leverage options. Our bridge loans provide the leverage to fund both the purchase and rehab costs for investment properties.

Kiavi finances up to 90% “initial” LTC plus 100% of rehab costs. Your FICO score and real estate exit experience are two of the biggest factors in what leverage option you qualify for.

PRO TIP: Did you know that the term Loan to Cost (LTC) can vary from lender to lender? Kiavi calculates LTC by % of purchase price + 100% rehab budget. Your down payment will be lower with a blended LTC (like with Kiavi) versus a total cost LTC calculation method.


Our bridge loan rates are great–also check the fine print!

Kiavi’s capital is backed by institutional securitization—so we are able to offer competitive rates.

But that’s not everything. We’re also very upfront and transparent with the fees we DO and DON’T charge. The fine print in financing can have a serious impact on your ROI. For example, unlike other lenders, Kiavi has no prepayment penalties and does not charge points at exit.

Depending on your rehab plans and timelines, allow your Kiavi customer experience manager to walk through the numbers with you and provide guidance in prioritizing lower upfront costs versus maxing your leverage. We want you to have a successful exit!


Want to learn more on how funding decisions can impact your ROI?

Real estate investors have more options in investment strategies than ever before. Kiavi walks you through the differing factors among these strategies and walks you through real-life examples of the impact of funding decisions.

The more you do, the more you get

Each investor we work with is unique and no two deals are alike. We’ll work together to support your investment goals. Plus as your business grows, your rates and benefits will improve as well.

Experienced real estate investors with at least 5 exits in the past 24 months, we will take that into account and customize a plan for your thriving business model with lower closing fees, customized points, and even quicker closings.

From new investors to seasoned professionals, Kiavi is invested in your growth and wants to help you fulfill your dreams of building wealth through real estate.

I’m able to go into a property with a lot of confidence. I’m not going to go to underwriting and have the deal shot down for this or that reason. If I have a deal I know LendingHome (now Kiavi) is going to fund it.
Paul Falcone

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