Kiavi Celebrates 10 Years of Lending to Residential Real Estate Investors

Technology-enabled lender commemorates the milestone with a detailed report highlighting its growth and the evolution of real estate investing over the past decade.

SAN FRANCISCO (Oct. 3, 2023) – Kiavi, a leading provider of financing to real estate investors, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Over the past decade, Kiavi has harnessed the power of data and technology to provide 67,000 loans totaling more than $16.5 billion to 17,000+ residential real estate investors, creating a simpler, more reliable, and faster way to access capital and scale their businesses.

In honor of the company’s 10-year anniversary, Kiavi has released a comprehensive report to highlight the evolution of the real estate market and investor trends from 2013 to today. The report, A Decade of Deals and Dreams, showcases how real estate investing has evolved as a viable pathway for everyday Americans to realize financial independence and generational wealth, all while revitalizing the country’s aging housing stock and providing more affordable, move-in ready housing. 
“More than half (60%) of the nation’s real estate investors are local ‘mom and pop’ entrepreneurs who care deeply about investing in and improving their communities through the revitalization of aged homes,” said Arvind Mohan, CEO of Kiavi. “In compiling this report, it’s been truly gratifying to see the impact Kiavi has made on our valued customers and their communities across the country for the past decade,” he added.

In addition to providing a detailed history of the company’s evolution, Kiavi’s A Decade of Deals and Dreams report provides comprehensive insights on the following: 

  • Relevant real estate market conditions between 2013 and 2023, including the growth of new construction, single family home flips, and renter-occupied households 
  • Changes in the hottest local markets between then and now 
  • The evolution of residential real estate investing as a career for local investors
  • The stories of two real estate investors and Kiavi customers, Diego Espinoza-Martinez in California and Anam and Aamir Hashambhai in Texas, who have transformed their lives and communities through real estate investing
  • A look forward to 2024 and beyond, including advancements in AI and machine learning models as well as real estate investing as a means to solving the housing crisis
When Kiavi (formerly LendingHome) was founded in 2013, the private lending industry had made little progress in technology advancements, so lenders relied on legacy and antiquated approaches to assess opportunities and risk. Kiavi was a pioneer in modernizing the private lending space by incorporating data and technology into its processes. Leveraging process improvements and advanced risk modeling, Kiavi changed the game by providing investors with transparent pricing, simpler processes, and fast access to capital. 

“While we’re proud of what Kiavi has accomplished over the past decade, we’re just getting started,” Mohan said. “Over the next 10 years, we’re focused on scaling our technology and data advantage to enhance the lending experience, expanding our product suite, and innovating on new offerings that further the success of our customers,” he concluded. 

Kiavi has rapidly become one of the top lenders to real estate investors who are looking to buy, renovate, and sell or rent a home. The company's technology platform, data-driven approach, and leading capital execution allow Kiavi to provide real estate investors with a transparent digital experience, competitive pricing, and reliable capital to scale their businesses. To date, the company has helped investors unlock more than $4.1 billion in real estate value by funding more than $16.5 billion in loans. About 82% of Kiavi’s transactions are with repeat customers. 

A Decade of Deals and Dreams is available for download here. 

About Kiavi
With more than $16.5 billion in funded loans, Kiavi is one of the nation's largest private lenders to residential real estate investors ("REIs"). Kiavi harnesses the power of data & technology to offer REIs a simpler, more reliable, and faster way to access the capital they need to scale their businesses. Formerly known as LendingHome, Kiavi is committed to helping its customers revitalize the approximately $25 trillion worth of aged U.S. housing stock to provide move-in ready homes and rental housing for millions of Americans across the country. For more information, visit