Rental Portfolio Loans FAQ’s

A rental portfolio loan is a fantastic financing tool if you're a real estate investor looking for long-term funding on multiple rental properties and a more extensive portfolio. Kiavi's rental portfolio loans combine your properties under one umbrella with one low monthly payment to make managing your growing rental business easier and more cost-effective. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about rental portfolio loans from Kiavi's own team of seasoned rental portfolio experts. 

Yes! A portfolio loan is a much more effective way to finance groups of properties. Suppose you had ten properties you were trying to finance at once and dealing with ten separate loan files, ten underwrites and ten closings. That can be overwhelming. While the diligence is primarily the same for portfolio or single-asset rental (DSCR) loans, it can be much more efficient only to have to deal with one processor, one underwrite, and one closing versus many. 

Kiavi's Rental Portfolio Loans combine your properties under one umbrella loan with only one payment to help make managing your growing rental business easier and more cost-effective. One payment, one servicer, one underwrite, and one closing—all of these efficiencies add up to you spending more time on real estate and less on financing. 

No, there is no limit to the maximum number of properties that can be financed in a portfolio loan. Our minimum property requirement is five or more properties. 

We don't have max exposure limits like you might find at a local bank for our portfolio loans.

Our rental portfolio loans can go up to a fully amortizing 30-year term. 

We offer both full recourse as well as non-recourse in some instances.

A portfolio loan will save you money on fees. Transactionally, the fees are slightly lower on a rental portfolio loan versus financing each individually. You may be asking why. Well, we get some economies of scale from our vendors due to the bulk nature of the transaction. 

You must own five or more properties and have real estate investing experience. 

You can expect genuine white glove service from our professional team here at Kiavi. This includes an experienced loan officer to help you structure the deal to fit your needs, a processor to work with you on any diligence you may be required to provide, and a closing team that will help get the ball across the finish line when it's 4th and goal. 

Contact our rental portfolio team with any questions. They're here to answer your questions and help you navigate your options—so you can be set up for long-term success.

Spend more time managing and scaling your portfolio

With Kiavi's rental portfolio loan, you'll have a fully customizable loan that fits your unique needs to continue growing your business with lower fees, points, and fast closings. Get started today by reaching out to our Rental Portfolio Loan team and experience 100% dedication to your growth!